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About Us

We are KUSU Creative Design, a small agency comprising talented and experienced people all passionate about web design. Building websites that look great and are easy to use and navigate is the foundation of our everyday work. Our creative passion and expertise can help you build your next website or web application. Get in touch to kick-start your project.


We work hard every day to provide our clients with the very best. We are all invested in the projects we build.


We stay up-to-date on the artistic trends and bring the latest technological advances in our projects.


We are proficient in using several code bases and content management systems to develop web solutions.

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We strongly believe in collaborative work. You know your business better than anyone. Your insights, combined with our skills and creativity, will result in websites and applications that match your expectations and truly stand out. We cover the bases and whether you’re selling products or telling stories, we can help you do more of it. Let's get started.

Web Design

Much more than just pixel pushing, creative thinking and cutting-edge design ensure your site looks gorgeous and functions perfectly.

Web Development

We use PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS to turn our designs into code. Our know-how and a bit of coding magic is behind all our sites.

User experience

UX is a crucial part of all our projects. Our solutions are user-centric with a natural flow that everyone can use and enjoy.

Graphic Design

Need to go the extra mile...? We can offer you print design services to compliment your online solution.


Paypal is our preferred platform for payments and we can help with all aspect from payments to fulfilment.

Content management

Looking to stay current and keep things fresh...? We'll build your website around WordPress to give you full control over your content.

Our Working Process

Whatever the requirements, we will build usable and accessible websites, databases and web applications. We work with you to define your brief prior to project commencement. This enables us to achieve the most suitable and complete web solutions for you and your clients.

First we need to know the concept. This means talking to you and throwing out some ideas. Together we turn the brief into a story that tells us how the users will interact on the site or application. This stage includes creating a site map and a set of user journeys to support the next part of the process...


Next the design... We might hit the jackpot first time or we may require some iterations to get things right. We focus on what we feel is the right approach and don't usually provide multiple concepts. We’ll make a plan about how your design responds to different screen sizes and once you are happy we can get technical...


Here we turn our designs into something that works in the browser. We sprinkle some code to power everything and ensure the site looks good across the board and on any device you’re using. A little info for the more technically minded - we use PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML/CSS to build all our sites.

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